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Whether a first timer to our shores, a regular visitor or just planning a 'staycation' at home - Invite Ireland will give you, the traveller, all the information you need when planning your trip or holiday in and around Ireland.

How it Works

Invite Ireland has been created as an easy to use holiday planner based upon the information you, the traveller, enter. The more information you give the better chance we have of matching you with your ultimate travel experience. Register now!

Top Destinations

Find out what makes Ireland so unique with our guide to top destinations. Whether you wish to experience the energy and buzz of Dublin and the larger cities or feast your senses on the beautiful, breathtaking and bewitching scenery around the isle check out the guide to top destinations.

Register and Win

Win prizes in our regular competitions. To win, simply register your details and start using Invite Ireland as your guide to travelling around Ireland. Currently, you can win a two day break at a Great Nationals Hotel!

Upcoming in Ireland 2013

The Gathering Ireland 2013 is about the people of Ireland throwing open their arms and inviting anyone, especially those with a connection to our country, to come and visit.

Invite Ireland for Business

Are you a tourism or leisure related business in Ireland? The purpose of Invite Ireland is to simply match our registered businesses with our members' travel requirements and expectations. Find out about registering your business today.